The Kenya Commercial Bank Story

KCB offered an IPO in 1988 that saw the sale of 20 per cent of the Government’s shares in the Company. In 1989, the bank saw a 41.5% increase in pre-tax profits amounting to Sh375 million and contributed Sh260 million in taxes and dividends to the Exchequer while deposits reached Sh13.9 billion.

The Government further reduced its shareholding to 17.31 percent in the rights issue of 2010. As of June 2023, the Government shareholding in KCB stands at 19.76%  per cent, representing 635,001,947 shares.

KCB Group Plc is a registered non-operating holding company that oversees KCB Bank Kenya, National Bank of Kenya and all the regional subsidiaries. It also owns KCB Bancassurance Intermediary limited, KCB Investment Bank, KCB Asset Management, KCB Foundation and other associate companies. The Group has an asset base of KShs 1.86 trillion, the largest branch network in the region with 605 branches, 1,315 ATMs, 30,153 POS/Merchants and agents offering banking services on a 24/7 basis in East Africa.

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